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Meet the Team

At DPS Jhansi, we pride ourselves on having exceptional teachers and staff who are dedicated to providing a high-quality education to our students. Our hiring process is rigorous and ensures that only the best candidates are selected to join our team. 


We start by thoroughly reviewing resumes and conducting thorough background checks to ensure that all of our staff have the necessary qualifications and experience. Our interview process includes multiple rounds of interviews with members of the DPS Society (Delhi), other DPS teachers, and in some cases, students, to get a well-rounded understanding of each candidate's abilities and fit for our school community. 


Our teachers and staff receive ongoing professional development and support to stay up-to-date with the latest educational methodologies and best practices. They are also encouraged to bring their own unique experiences and perspectives to the classroom, which helps to create a dynamic and diverse learning environment. 


We believe that it is our talented and dedicated teachers and staff that make DPS Jhansi a truly special place. They are more than just educators - they are role models, mentors, and advocates for our students. We are proud to have such a talented and passionate team, and we are committed to ensuring that they have the resources and support they need to be successful in their roles.

Leadership Team

Senior Team

Teaching Staff

Reshma Vij.jpg



MA (English, Hindi), B.Ed

Experience: 24 Years

She has been teaching for 24 years and believes that each child is unique in their own way and as an educator aims to help students meet their fullest potential. She is proactive in her work, approach and has been a soft and diligent worker in the organization. She believes and works every day to encourage minds to think, hands to create, and hearts to love.

Reshma Vij.jpg
Anjul Sharma.jpeg


PGT Commerce

MBA (Finance & International Business), B.Ed., B.Com

Experience: 10+ Years

He is an MBA from GLA University, having rich experience in teaching. His positive approach towards never ending aims of life gives him motivation to look forward. A believer in himself to take ethical and appropriate decisions makes him a good observer. He always believes in growing together. He is a motivational speaker, consultant, socialist, etc.

Vinay Agarwal.png
Satyendra Gupta.jpeg


PGT Chemistry

MSc. (Chemistry)

Experience: 8 Years

I have been teaching for 8 years and I always try to help students meet their fullest potential.
I am diligent and popular among students. I treat my students with love and provide an environment to express themselves. I also encourage students and motivate them by saying "Yes, you can do it"

Sunil Yadav.jpg
Deep Narayan Singh Yadav.jpg


PGT Mathematics

B.Ed. , M.Sc (Mathematics)

Experience: 11 Years

My name is Deep Narayan Singh Yadav and I love teaching students Mathematics. Teaching isn't about knowing your subject, but making it interesting to the students so they love it. I have been teaching Math for 10 years and really love teaching it.

Pooja Agarwal.jpg
Charu Narang.jpeg



B.Sc. (Electronics), B.Ed. (UPTET Qualified)

Experience: 15 Years

A Qualified B.Sc. (Electronics), B.Ed. (Mathematics) & UP-TET Personnel with 15 years of experience in Teaching, Principal-ship & Management of School activities. She is adept in analyzing management system needs and evaluating student requirements. She is an effective communicator with exceptional classroom management skills with the ability to differentiate, monitor and plan with the use of technology. She is a compassionate and results-oriented elementary teacher with experience managing medium- and large-sized classrooms. She also created and maintained a welcoming, friendly, engaging, and nurturing classroom environment where all students felt comfortable. She adhered to the original lesson plans and instructions the regular teacher put forth. She also performs her task very well as a coordinator whenever required.

Deep Narayan Singh Yadav.jpg
Rachna Kushwaha.jpg


TGT-Social Studies

M.A. Economics, B.Ed.

Experience: 7 Years

She is a  positive person who has an enthusiastic outlook on life. She loves her job and gets a great sense of achievement from seeing her students develop and grow as individuals.

Rachna Kushwaha.jpg
Rabiya Khan.jpeg


TGT-Hindi Teacher

MA Hindi, B.Ed.

Experience: 12 Years

Her gentle warm and endearing smile gets children attracted to her like bees to honey. Her tough exterior fashions the reluctant mood swings of students and channelizes them in the right direction for optimal learning.

Calm Sea
Danish Naseem 1.jpeg



M.Com., B.Com., B.Ed. (UPTET & CTET Qualified)

Experience: 1 Years

An Educator with quintessence of sophistry, smartness & benignity which is bound to make people notice.
I enjoy teaching my students & I always strive to make my students get  confident about taking on any challenge in Social Studies

Faguni Bisht.jpg
Nisha Fatima.jpg




Experience: 8 Years

Her exuberance is magnetic, her adventurous nature, her instant connect, her vast experience with children of varied needs and from diverse cultural backgrounds makes her a valuable asset for the institution.

Nisha Fatima.jpg
Nishi Mishra.jpeg


PGT - Political Science

Bachelor in Tourism, D.El.Ed (Diploma in Education), MA (Pursuing)

Experience: 7 Year

Meet Nishi, a skilled educator and experienced professional with over seven years of teaching experience and seven years of corporate experience. In addition to her successful career in the classroom, Nishi is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Political Science, further demonstrating her commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth.
Throughout her career, Nishi has consistently demonstrated a strong work ethic and a commitment to excellence. In the classroom, She has a talent for creating engaging and meaningful learning experiences for students of all ages and abilities, and is skilled at using technology and other innovative teaching strategies to enhance the learning process.
In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Nishi has also gained valuable experience in the corporate world, where she has held a variety of leadership roles. She brings a unique perspective to the classroom, combining her business acumen with a deep understanding of educational best practices.
Nishi is passionate about using her skills and experiences to make a positive impact on the world. She is dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest research and trends in education, and is always looking for new ways to improve her teaching and make a difference in the lives of her students.

Debasmita Das.jpg
Vishali Shrivastava.jpeg



B.Sc, M.Sc (Botany), B.Ed (UPTET & CTET Qualified)

Experience: 3 Years

Education is not just a process of giving knowledge for a future job but a life long process which creates an understanding of moral and ethical values to guide one's life and make our students the future hope of our country. 
   At DPS, we hope to create an atmosphere of reverence for education and a healthy environment where work, sports and spur them on to be the brightest and the best.

Akanksha Rawat.jpg
Sonam Mansoori.jpg



B.Sc (Zoology, Botany, Chemistry)

Experience: 3 Years

Class mentor of Class-LKG. She is friendly and enthusiastic, loves the energy generated by kids in the classroom, how they talk, how they respond, how they perform rhymes, how they share their conversation with me everything generated the spark in the class. She believes that being an effective and good communicator is a must for a human and for that we need to prepare a being from childhood.

Sonam Mansoori.jpg
Deeksha Tiwari.jpeg



B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed. (UPTET Qualified)

Experience: 1 Year

I am a very fun loving teacher that's why I always use fun activities and learning activities while teaching my students. I am also a very enthusiastic learner. Basic education helps in building a building from stone. I love children and believe in lifelong learning. I have optimism and passion for teaching.

Neha Gupta.jpg
Shrikant Savita.jpg




Experience: 10 Years

He is Confident, Diligent &  positive person and believes in hard working.

As a Librarian, he helps students to seek interest in books and believes students should spend more time on reading which helps them in enhancing their knowledge. 


"A Librarian has integral part in the education system"

Shrikant Savita.jpg
Madho Prasad.jpg

Late (Hony Capt) Madhav Prasad


Estate officer, Ex-Army personnel

Experience: 10 Years

The endless hours he spent working in the school can never be forgotten. We pride ourselves on his hard work and dedication, he will always be remembered for his immense contribution in the school.

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